World Photography Day Feature Alarine Dsouza: Be patient and never stop experimenting

  • August 19, 2021

Every now and then, we’ve all captured a moment. In the history of science, the camera is one of the greatest inventions and gifts to mankind. Take a look at your pictures by going to the gallery and scrolling down. Can you recall how many memories you’ve created? 

Photographs are among the most effective mediums for storytelling, as they transcend language and time barriers. Thus, it is only fitting to have a day dedicated to celebrating the art of taking pictures. 19 August is World Photography Day when photographers from various fields gather together to exhibit their work.

As a way to mark this occasion, byitsown got in touch with an acclaimed photographer Alarine Dsouza to learn what she does, to showcase her work, and to share her amazing visions with the world! 

Here is a quick overview of the exclusive interview…

“ All I wanted to do was take my camera & go somewhere.”  This was back in 2019 & it was a turning point in my life as I realized I didn’t want to continue this mundane 9-5 but rather travel & shoot for a living...

Alarine graduated from Sophia’s college, Mumbai. A  girl with a high-spirited personality ready to travel, capture, and make every moment of her life memorable. Having first seen her father’s SLR at the age of 13, she has always been interested in photography. Each of us snuck things from our parents, and Alarine did the same with her father’s SLR. She says- “I used to sneak it out of the house to every party and outing to take pictures. I also remember taking a lot of photos with my Nokia express music.”

Back in college, she indulged in mobile photography. Her hard work and determination led her to pursue both studies and a job. Through her job, she was able to purchase a second-hand camera from her friend. After graduation, however, things turned a little sour for her. After working nine to five all day, she was left with little time to focus on her photography. In 2019, she realized that she wanted to become a photographer and eventually freelance and photograph for travel companies. 

Everyone was affected by the pandemic. Alarine faced some obstacles too, but she used it as an opportunity to learn about commercial genres. When asked about her favorite genre of photography, Alarine responded, “I love street, travel, and concerts (since music is life). Capturing culture, emotion, and unseen perspectives is what got me interested in photography in the first place.” 

For Alarine, photography is a form of therapy and a way to express herself. She believes that one can make this art into a successful full-time career with passion, hard work, and devotion. 

A message for every photography enthusiast on this World Photography Day: Be patient and don’t stop experimenting. 

Photography is the perfect combination of Art and Science and the greatest example for anyone who thinks that art is not worth trying at all. As soon as you’re on someone’s camera roll, your serotonin level increases, making you happier. Hence, on this photography day, don’t forget to capture emotions or the beauty of nature. Let’s create more memories and stories with our loved ones. 

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