Top 10 Startups to watch for in 2022

  • January 14, 2022

Startups are the best way to develop raw ideas into reality for the comfort of people. We have been witnessing many startup stories making a powerful impact in society.

In the year 2022, the startup world is about to gear up for many more successful endeavors. The super entrepreneurs are here with their most unique startups. Let’s have a look at the list of emerging startups in the year 2022.


We know how valuable data is. Every tech company is running behind data to acquire customers’ attention. Snowflake is one such Startup that offers you a tool to store and manage your data analysis more efficiently. Snowflake offers strictly professional services for more extensive businesses. They provide innovative services related to data sciences, data integration, and much more.


With covid work from home is on-demand and will continue to be in fashion for a long time. Loom helps you with creating advanced video messages to keep in sync with your employees. However, there are several options that provide these facilities namely Slack, Jira, Asana are running obsolete now. Hence, this new innovation might add to the advancement of our communication platform. Renowned companies such as Atlassian, LinkedIn, Slack, and SalesForce are incorporating this technology for a clearer solution.


Now no more scrap pieces of wood! Yes, you heard it right. Feather is one such startup that rents furniture so you can exchange or buy a new one. We tend to get bored with the same article of furniture our entire life. To break the clutter, now shuffling the furniture would be easier than ever.


The startup Coda acts like your document manager. Coda provides one document tool for small or huge enterprises to manage their documents efficiently. Moreover, through Coda, you can access any documental file from any platform. They integrate their services with all the document creators. Hence, this is surely a great startup that eases the lives of people.


A voice automation startup is all set for revolutionizing the upcoming years. They deal with voice automation services for contact centers. They might soon replace the call centers and provide AI speech services to the industries for better accuracy and prompt services. Several industries have already been implementing their services for the betterment of the application services.


Eka. Care connects all the health care systems into one. With the looming Covid threat, Eka. Care has proven to be a great help to health care practitioners. Along with the tracking of the coronavirus cases, it helps people to know about the virus and its variant in simple language through blogs and other visually appealing methods. Moreover, it is helpful for doctors to keep and recall the records of their patients in overwhelming hospital situations. The patients can even store their Lab reports on this platform for easy frequent access.


Dooze works on contactless health care examinations. Can you imagine how wonderful this startup can evolve the healthcare system? With Dooze, doctors can monitor Blood pressure, respiration rate, and sleep cycles. They are trying to enable the AI into ICUs for quick and efficient patient response. Through this AI technology, the speed of emergency treatment could increase a thousand folds. A startup like Dooze is truly a boon to the human race.


Blusmart, an advancement in the electric commute industry. They offer electric car rides for city commute with their own charging stations. They believe in clean rides that are environmentally friendly. They have successfully completed many eco-friendly rides with complete customer satisfaction.


A learning platform for teachers! People usually think teachers know everything, however, in order to be updated with the latest knowledge is necessary. So, Suraasa brings them a learning platform to further shape their knowledge. They also provide jobs to the teachers on their platform. All in all, it is growth in Edtech and Job Tech for all teachers out there.


Qubehealth is a healthcare commerce application. They are a fintech and health tech company that offers services for financing and insurance to the employees. They help huge industries to manage and simplify their health insurance needs on one platform. So, Qubehealth is a super saver facility for businesses to manage the healthcare system of their employees.

Hence, 2022 is surely a great year to witness extravagant technological advances in all fields. This is a list of the top 10 startups that are propelling themselves to make a difference in the tech field. Let us get inspired by their ideas and hope for the betterment of mankind.

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