The startup driven by 2 women that left Shark Tank India judges amazed: Nuutjob

  • February 9, 2022

Ananya Maloo, a fearless girl who left he job to become an entrepreneur impressed the Shark Tank India judges gracefully.

Have you ever heard of men’s hygiene products? Women are pampered with tons of vaginal washes for the sensitive area, but no one ever wondered about men’s intimate hygiene before this startup came into the limelight.

Byitsown casts a shadow on these two diligent business women who amazed the sharks with their business concept. We had the privilege to interview the determined Ananya Maloo to unfold her chapters of life.

Ananya Maloo talks about her profession, her passion in the interview with Byitsown. Her relationship with her sister is unconditional and boundless. They are two creative minds who flourished under one roof. Ananya is a free-spirited personality who possesses courage and determination to explore the world in its true sense. She candidly describes herself as a nutty and trailblazer who confronts situations elegantly.

When asked if Ananya was interested in carrying forward their family business, she replied that “Anushree and I never thought of clubbing with their traditional business. Moreover, it was shocking for them to enter into a daredevil market of Men’s intimate hygiene”

She also revealed the inspiration behind their product and It’s none other than their fathers .
Well, this was definitely a very inspiring interview with loads of pointers for upcoming entrepreneurs for these two girls are revolutionizing the entire industry

After being uniquely represented at Shark Tank India, Nuutjob is all set to sail the high tides of the market. We look forward to the success of Nuutjob and impart best wishes for endeavors.

Watch the entire interview on our Youtube channel to gain insights on Ananya Maloo’s life journey and their emerging startup. Get inspired and share the inspiration!

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