The inspiring tale of the Bollywood Art Project initiated by the artist Ranjit Dahiya

  • November 25, 2021

Art has various forms, be it a painting or a picture, every art has a hidden meaning to it. These days wall painting is gaining popularity. We see cities with art painting inferring messages for public awareness in a unique way. The ingenuity of the artistic abilities of wall art painters is unbelievably impressive.

But the Bollywood Art Project caught people’s attention by their different art styles on the streets of Mumbai. The person behind this unique project idea is an artist himself who holds a master’s in the field of arts. Ranjit Dahiya, from Sonipat, Haryana, modified the artistic industry through his communication design projects. Graduated from the College of Art, Chandigarh, Ranjit completed his post-graduation in graphic design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. He is a versatile artist but is slightly more inclined to the Bollywood industry from a young age. Apart from this project, he owns a startup, Digital Moustache for a long time now. He has always been passionate about painting filmy street posters and has been engaged in the same for 18 years.

What inspired BAP?

The city of Mumbai is itself the inspiration of the Bollywood Art Project. We all know that Mumbai is home to the Bollywood industry, the heart of the film industry- Mumbai’s legacy is maintained by this beautiful project. Mumbai possesses many political hoardings and movie advertisement posters, but it lacks its Bollywood definition through the portrayal of the Mumbaikers’ favorite celebrities. Ranjit aspires to make Bollywood art accessible to everyone. 

Some unique Pieces of work

The Bollywood Art Project focuses on painting the renowned celebrities on the streets of Mumbai. BAP’s founder began with the walls of Chapel Road in Mumbai which is also a short route that connects with the Bandra-Worli Sealink. Later, steadily, he started his art in other areas as well. For painting purposes, he receives permission from the house owners beforehand to set up an ultimate project. Ranjit and his team have curated some breathtaking portraits of well-known actors and actresses. One of his “Bemisaal Mural” is truly mesmerizing that Portrays Amitabh Bachhan. Ranjit and his team started this colossal art on 7th October 2017, and it took 14 days to beautify this piece of art. Sponsored by Zee Classic, this wall paint adds wonders to the streets of Mumbai.

Moreover, the team of BAP is seen granting tribute to the late actors by painting their exquisite pictures namely, Rishi Kapoor, Irfan Khan, and Sushant Singh Rajput. Apart from this, they also paint the most loved movies of Bollywood to engage the locals. Besides his love for Bollywood painting, BAP also ensures they address the current social causes. For this reason, recently, they painted the mural for waste management for the Swach Mumbai campaign in Bandra west. Their goal is to ornament the streets of Mumbai with the love of Mumbaikers and they intend to paint every city of India.

The skilled wall painters should be appreciated for their talent because such projects motivate us to embrace art and to think out of the box.

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