Enthusiastic duo electrifies Shark Tank India Show: Farda clothing

  • February 16, 2022

The passionate duo impressed Shark Tank India Judges bagging a satisfactory deal. 

Do you recall two friends who featured in Shark Tank India for their clothing brand? Yes, the hip hop fashion revolutionaries Chahat and Sanskar are nailing the fashion industry. Byitsown got a moment to interview the creative duo. 

In an exclusive interview, Chahat and Sanskar talk about their clothing venture Farda clothing in detail and share their recent and upcoming achievements. The conversation begins with some fresh flashbacks of the Shark Tank India show, where the couplet performed extravagantly. The entire set was loaded with funky and cool gorgeous designs with a spice of rap music. 

Initially, the interviewer began with a fun chit chat round called “ Who is more likely to”. With hysterical questions, the fun side of the founders of Farda was revealed. Chahat discloses Sanskar as a person most likely to spend money.

Subsequently, the interview began with the concept behind the name “Farda” and what it symbolizes for the founders. Next, they talk about their journey and how they were destined to meet as a startup founder. They share how they got connected for a venture and what qualities led them to their current position. 

Sanskar also mentioned about their upcoming NFT collection and new opportunities that have been knocking on their door 

These two young and diligent fashionistas inspire and offer affirmative suggestions for the youth. Heed their direction in detail in our Youtube channel.
Watch the entire inspiring and fun chat with the founders of Farda!

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