See what newness Neelima Burra brought to the street food vendors of Indore

  • May 3, 2021

Ganymede: Another food initiative for the food lovers of Indore along with a vision to provide economical power into the hands of street food vendors through its TOTO food carts.

Neelima Burra – Co-founder of Ganymede business ventures. She decided to put the street food chain in an organized way with her startup. She aims to position her startup as The world’s largest ‘food on street’ service chain.

Objective behind Ganymede ~

1. Share and Win The Purpose: Neelima wanted to provide tasty and affordable food of great quality to its customers and share the value with the street vendors, which her company will create. Street vendors might not be able to earn as much as they would with Ganymede.

She found out that there is no other place better than Indore to start her startup. Neelima started her company’s services with an active network of 274 street vendors across the city. She gave unique names to attract customers to the Ganymede vendors like ;

1. Latoo – for the lip-smacking traditional Indian snacks 


2. Toto – to the food sourcing kitchen.

Currently, Neelima is working on taking her startup to every state of India. Being a lady entrepreneur, her journey was not so easy, but she proves that you can do anything if you want to.

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