National Doctors Day: Doctors who work for a cause created awareness and broke stereotypes.

  • July 1, 2021

On the occasion of the birth and death anniversary of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy, we celebrate National Doctors Day on 1 July. This day is solely dedicated to doctors for their selflessness and hardships faced by doctors. Especially in these unprecedented times.

 However, a doctor smiles to provide comfort to their patients.No matter how many lemons life gives a doctor they have to make lemonade out of it. So, today on this very special day we bring to you the stories of 3 doctors who broke stereotypes and selflessly continue to serve their people. 

Kerala’s first Transgender Doctor Breaking the stereotypical mindset

Ever thought of being caged in your own home? Even a thought like this would frighten us. Dr.VS Priya’s case was quite similar.

 Embedded within the male body for about 30 years was a fierce woman. Despite the circumstances and self-doubts Dr. Priya faced, she succeeded in breaking societal norms and finding herself.

Today, She is Kerala’s first Transgender Doctor who graduated in Ayurvedic Medicines and has a Post-graduate in MD. 

Trans people are often perceived as dancers, attention seekers for money by many people. In reality, even the word transgender is sometimes used incorrectly in awful slang Thus, a lot of chances are lost from these skilled people who are much more than their genders. Dr. VS Priya was born to parents who were professional nurses. Despite her desire to be a teacher, she chose to become a doctor to fulfill her parent’s dreams. She believes that society adjusts once parents accept their children. Dr. VS Priya is now a beacon of hope for many people and is a practicing clinical doctor.

One rupee is enough for treatment

If a doctor serves his patients, he’s a good doctor. If he takes care of them, he’s a great doctor.

 In Odisha’s Sambalpur district, Shankar Ramchandani and his wife Sikha Ramchandani established a clinic. The purpose was to treat the unprivileged and needy for just one rupee. Besides the government medical care center’s Veer Surendra Sai Institute of Medical Science and Research, Sambalpur doesn’t have any medical infrastructure. It is Ramchandani’s clinic that provides hope to residents of that district.

Before being a senior resident at the Hospital, Shankar Ramchandani worked as an Assistant Professor at VIMSAR. Senior residents are usually not permitted to practice privately. Being an assistant professor enabled him to fulfill his desire to provide free treatment to the poor. Then why charge one rupee? In his view, patients should never feel like they are receiving free treatment. They should assume they paid for the treatment. A patient who is already suffering enough should not have to wait outside an OPD for too long. 

Shankar Ramchandani’s kindness and empathy are something we all hope this world really needs. We salute him for his efforts. 

An Unsung Hero for the Bonda Tribe

Dr. Debabrata Barik joined as a Medical officer at Khairput Community Health Centre. As soon he joined the health care team, he vowed to help the Bonda tribe. Bonda Tribe lives in Hills of Odisha, Malkangiri District. It is one of the most populated tribal communities of Odisha and is also said to be one of the most isolated communities from Indian society.

The community faced a malaria outbreak which caused a lot of deaths amongst the Bonda tribes.

Providing Medicare is the basic responsibility of the doctor. However, Dr. Debabrata Barik took the extra mile and decided to help the community at its worst his team campaigned to raise awareness about malaria. He even taught the tribe about the importance of hygiene and prevention from vector-borne diseases.

He taught women about neo-natal care, hygiene, and safe childbirth. 

His contribution during the COVID-19 outbreak is commendable. Convincing any tribal community on things they haven’t encountered is a task. He has even convinced the community vaccinated.

Many doctors have been dedicating their time, energy, and most certainly life to people. In these unprecedented times, we would like to say to say “Thank You” for 

For all your sacrifices and relentless efforts, 

 your commitment to healing and touching lives.

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