National Dance Day : 4 Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow If You Love Dancing 

  • September 18, 2021

Dance is the language of our soul; a thought, an emotion, and a beautiful way of storytelling. Whether it’s world-renowned ballet companies or unknown independent dance artists, Social media has provided a platform for them to share their art with the world, providing a great source of inspiration for dancers of all ages.

Even though there are many established and renowned dancers and crews on the international stage, there are many talented and upcoming dancers who are breaking ground in India.

We’ve gathered a list of some dancers on Instagram who are blowing our minds and making us want to dance too with their moves and setting our phones on fire! Take a look at them…

Radhika Mayadev- radhikamayadev

A Mumbai-based dancer, Radhika is an aspiring performer, a teacher, and a learner who wants to make an impact on people’s lives through her art. She has been professionally trained in Jazz, Ballet, and Contemporary, and is a member of The BOM Squad, a prominent dance troupe in Mumbai. Dance has been her passion since she was 3 years old. Her primary objective is to prevent jazz dance from becoming outdated with the rest of her peers. Through her routines, she encourages individuality and self-expression by including as many theatrical and performance-based elements as she can.

Sadhwi Majumder- sadhwimajumder

Originally from Agartala, Sadhwi Majumder is an Indian dancer, actress, and choreographer. In 2015, her first television appearance was on Dance India Dance season 5, followed by India’s Dancing Superstar and India’s Best Dancer. Her love of dancing began at the age of five, and she enjoys grooving on the dance floor. For nearly 20 years, she has been performing Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Manipuri, and Indian Folk Art Dances.

Anisha Babbar- anisha.babbar

With roots in Bollywood fusion dance, Anisha’s dancing has a diverse nature. She works as a healthcare consultant by day and as a dancer/choreographer at night. At a very young age, she became the youngest dance instructor in the organization, working with more than 100 students in the Bay Area. She specializes in Indian folk, jazz, hip-hop, Bollywood, contemporary, and Bharatanatyam. A social media star, Anisha Babbar gained fame through her Instagram account. As a dancer, she has learned comradeship, work, drive, and meditation. Aside from being a dancer and choreographer, Anisha hopes to become a voice for feminism, health care, and social justice.

Full Stop Crew- fullstopcrewindia

Full Sop Crew, founded on September 6, 2009, is a dance crew based in Kolkata. The crew’s form is heavily influenced by Hip Hop, and some videos show them performing remixes of Bollywood tunes with rap. Full Stop Crew is the only Western dance crew in Eastern India that has opened for the international artist, Akcent. The group has also choreographed many of Kolkata’s major schools and colleges and has earned honors and awards for this as well.

Some people dance as a hobby, others as a passion, while others use it as a pastime – but what sets them free is the act of dancing. It would be a lie if you said these dancers didn’t make you tap your feet. We’d love to hear what dance accounts you like to follow.

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