Leadership skills you can learn from Virat Kohli

  • September 21, 2021

What makes a good leader? Or How do you develop leadership skills? Is one of the hottest topics in contemporary discussion. The fact that leadership requires a number of skills is undeniable, but it is also true that different leaders boast different attributes and styles.

The ideal example is a west Delhi boy who has succeeded both as a cricketer and leader of the Indian National Cricket Team that people admire – Virat Kohli

In all likelihood, the journey of Virat Kohli is bound to inspire millions. India’s winning percentage under Virat Kohli’s captaincy is 60%, the highest among Indian team captains. When it comes to developing some basic leadership skills, there’s no one better than Virat Kohli to help you. He is the perfect combination of strength and soft skills that you need to shine as a leader. He exudes contagious energy, and people look up to him for inspiration.

In this article, we have discussed some leadership skills you can learn from Virat Kohli. Let’s begin…

Accept responsibility for your actions

Virat Kohli is a person capable of accepting mistakes and failings and devising clear solutions to improve. 

There are times in our lives when we make mistakes and poor choices. Taking responsibility is a stronger and more positive approach than putting blame on others.  As a leader, you’re responsible for both the success and failure of your team. Consequently, when things don’t go as planned, you need to take responsibility. Accepting responsibility in your life means accepting the fact that nothing lasts forever and that you will take charge and do whatever needs to be done to put things right.

Ability to take on challenges and perform under pressure

Virat Kohli doesn’t back down from a challenge. Despite all the strategies the opposition devises to defeat him, he takes on the challenge head-on.

The most difficult aspect of living in the real world is dealing with unfamiliar circumstances. How do we handle them? The main reason why we avoid challenges is that we fear failing. You have many opportunities in life, but if you are too busy preparing for them or too afraid to fail, you will not be able to take advantage of them. By avoiding challenges, you are limiting the ways in which you can demonstrate your leadership skills and achieve career advancement. Keep in mind that if you are not noticed, then you will not be able to grow.

Fitness makes you feel confident

Virat spoke about the importance of fitness at the beginning of his captaincy tenure. Workouts are a regular part of his life, and he hasn’t missed any major tournament because of his injuries. His dedication allows him to keep in shape and improve his batting abilities.

The question is, how much importance do we place on our health and fitness in daily life? Mostly, we neglect our health and fitness is hardly a priority. There are countless excuses for not working out, but who will look after your body except you? You must perform this work yourself, it cannot be delegated. A healthy body and mind will give you the energy and self-esteem to be a better leader. You can lead a healthy, happy life by starting to take care of your body.

Boost self-esteem

Kohli’s biggest strength is his ability to trust his instincts. Despite all the problems he faces, he never lets his self-confidence slip. That’s what makes him special. 

In the absence of confidence, we are powerless. Destructing a team or criticizing them is an easy thing to do, but having someone who gives you that confidence is invaluable. Self-confidence is not innate in every leader. You can improve and build your self-confidence over time. Positive self-esteem can transform people’s lives, especially those who suffer from anxiety and depression.

As an athlete, Virat always strives for continuous improvement and learning. We cannot list all the qualities of Virat Kohli, as there are too many. But, using these skills in one’s career is sure to lead to success.

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