International Coffee Day- Top DIY Coffee Art Ideas to Let Your Creativity flow

  • October 1, 2021

Attention all coffee lovers! International Coffee Day is back. Today, Friday, October 1, coffee lovers all around the world celebrate their love of caffeinated beverages. It’s a day to embrace the coffee bean, whether you’re up for a Macchiato, a Cappuccino, or just an Espresso.

Monday blues can be cured by more than just a fresh brew. In addition to being a perfect pick-me-up, coffee is a handy tool to use when making DIY art projects. With these fun and innovative ways to use coffee (and its accessories), you’ll hop into the day with a smile. Would you ever guess that you can use coffee to decorate, bathe, and even accessorize?

Our team has gathered the best coffee art and craft projects for you to enjoy in celebration of International Coffee Day. Check it out…

Gardening with coffee grounds

Plant growth is hindered by most soils having insufficient nutrients. Fertilizing most gardens is therefore necessary for ensuring root growth and plant survival. Compost bins and gardens benefit greatly from the addition of coffee grounds as they are rich in nitrogen, potassium, calcium, iron, etc. Simply sprinkle coffee grounds onto the soil surrounding your plants to use as fertilizer.

Decorative coffee bean candle holder

Make a DIY home decor project out of your favorite whole coffee beans. You can use coffee beans as candle holders or tea light holders by filling a vase or jar with them. Show off your love for coffee by decorating your house or office with coffee candle holders as a beautiful centerpiece.

Coffee Bean Coaster

With this super easy DIY, you can enjoy coffee inside and outside your mug. You can use a glue gun to adhere coffee beans to plain coasters or trivets as a bit of decoration. Besides looking good, it also smells great.

Make Your Skin Fresh by exfoliating

To remove dirt and dead skin cells, coffee grounds work as an exfoliating agent. Furthermore, caffeine in coffee grounds offers plenty of antioxidant benefits that can help protect your skin from damage from the sun. Furthermore, caffeine in coffee grounds increases blood flow, which benefits your skin in general. 

Picture Perfect Coffee Art

Bring coffee-inspired art to life, or add coffee grounds to artwork to give it a unique texture. There are multiple ways to use coffee beans and grounds in wall art, paintings, and other creative projects. Kids’ craft time can be enriched by attaching coffee beans to a canvas to create raised pieces of art.

Depending on your preferences, there are different ways to use existing grounds at home, but these are the best. These methods are not only natural and affordable but non-toxic as well. You save money on exfoliators, coasters, and candle holders, but what are you going to do with the extra money? Going to invest in better coffee, of course!


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