Milk Magic

  • मई 2, 2021

Get the proper nutrition from the Milk Magic and make your bones stronger!
Started its journey as a small dairy business in 2013, JGF (Jayshri Gayatri Food Products) now stands amongst the most progressive and dynamic modern dairy enterprises.

Kishan Modi started JGF Products Pvt. Ltd. with the aim of growing his family’s local dairy business to reach its full potential and convert it into a large and successful business.

Kishan worked hard, and due to his efforts, JGF is now among the top dairy industries and supplies its Dairy Products all over India.

Initially, JGF began its corporate business as a B2B manufacturer and now launched Milk Magic, a B2C dairy brand, to locally sell its value-added dairy products.

JGF manufactures its products at Sehore in MP and processes 4 lakh litres of milk/day to produce valued dairy products but now intends to produce 5 lakh litres of milk/ day.

Kishan expanded his business in India and other countries such as the USA, New Zealand, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, etc.

Today, it started with a product panner: exporting butter, skimmed milk powder, cheese, and soon launching a range of flavoured milk.

Kishan still has big plans for JGF.

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