Satiating The Curiosity of Science For Children: Curio O Box

  • मार्च 1, 2022

We have been questioning the Indian Education system for many years, but have you wondered how it could be modified to aid students to understand the scientific concepts in a simplified manner? A techie from Gujarat undertakes the responsibility to curb this silently emerging educational issue.

A startup named Curio O Box is raging its presence with unique offerings to students, teachers, parents, and even entrepreneurs. Founded by Kushal Thakkar and Co-founded by Keyur Buddhdev, Curio O Box grabs the educational motive for the welfare of future generations. With Hiral Thakkar carrying the Research and development aspect, Curo O Box is a self-learning yet guided scientific routine for a better understanding.

Curio O Box is determined to curtail the heavy burdens of theatrical and system-based scientific knowledge and transform it into engaging, fun, and pragmatic undertaking modules. Their highlight is they flush their modules with schools and training institutes to integrate the authenticity with schools for added benefits.

The concept they follow would completely revolutionize the Indian education system, where they instill “Hands-on” programs for the students to reduce the burdens on schools for pragmatic advantages. For this reason, they design e-learning software, DIY videos, Online courses mediated through virtual labs. The founders believe that by the means of experiential learning, students can ace the IIT, JEE, AIIMS, and exams like NEET which are conceptual-based entrance exams for masters in any field.

But the question is: How can they benefit the entrepreneurs? Well, the inventors can join their cl “STEAM club” where they allow the educators to teach “Hands-On” by imparting proper training for supreme outcomes.

Scan their products online that are filled with practical modules for purchase with a lab activity kit for scientific clarification and get to know their services in detail. Let us engage with Curio O Box’s initiative and propel their ideology to maximum children to prosper their future with profound knowledge.

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