Celebrate Women’s Day with these 5 SHEpreneurs who continue to break the bias through their work

  • मार्च 8, 2022

Every passing year we observe a plethora of women climbing the ladder of success elegantly. Women have been propelling themselves to higher standards by infiltrating their presence in a male dominated arena. The role of women in modernised India is truly phenomenal with women partaking in the navy, army and other brave professions. 

The occasion of International Women’s Day celebrated on 8th March marks the discussion of women’s empowerment. Today’s topic of discussion points to Women who dared to break the bias and secured their position in modern India. Let us dive into their life stories right away!

  • Kalpana Saroj: First Female entrepreneur of India

A Dalit girl, who was ignored by society is now the CEO of Kamani tubes. Kalpana hails from Maharashtra and was a victim of brutal marriage at the age of 12. With determination, she ended her marriage with her father’s support only to propel her journey towards entrepreneurship. She started off her journey in Mumbai with a 2 rupee salary and steadily reached the position of CEO.
She truly inspires girls from the interiors of India and especially Maharashtra to never let anything bog them down, not even an unsuccessful marriage. 

  • Ashwini Asokan:  Co-founder of Mad Street Den

Ashwini Asokan is a tech admirer who modifies the concept of Artificial Intelligence for meaningful applications. Excelling in technologies she has an undergraduate degree in Visual Communication and a master’s in Interaction design, had been a dancer for almost 23 years and thought would move ahead in that field But today She is a firm believer that AI can be utilized in more versatile ways than its present usage. This belief of her drove her to the next level of IT technology with meaningful applications. She set up her startup in 2016 and in 2020 she focused on the Vue.ai retail vertical. Such a revolutionary
tech-loving female she is.

  • Divya Gokulnath: BYJU’S Co-founder

A former teacher at Byju’s now a Co-founder. Divya Gokulnath’s journey is surely an interesting one. At Byju’s she was a diligent teacher who explained concepts uniquely. Eventually, she fell in love with Byju Raveendran and after her marriage, she took up the role of content manager for the app. Her teaching strategy worked in her favour and application boomed its business.
Here’s to being exceptional and educating millions. 

  • Malini Agarwal: Miss Malini founder

The  founder of a life blogging platform is undoubtedly an eminent personality. She wears many hats as a TV host, Digital influencer, Best-selling author, an entrepreneur, and a former radio jockey. She was born in Prayagraj but had to shift cities as her parents worked with the Indian Foreign Service. She graduated from Delhi University and moved to Mumbai for her accomplishment. Multiverse Malini today holds numerous awards under her belt. She is ranked #1 on IMPACT’s 50 Most Influential Women in Media and many other Digital Influencers awards. She has already accomplished so much and continues to break the glass ceiling with her endeavours.

  • Sairee Chahal: Sheroes founder

Founder of Women’s only social network Sairee Chahal is the greatest supporter of women in India. Sheroes is a community platform that offers support and resources for women via the Sheroes app for counselling and interactions. Sairee Chahal hails from Muzaffarnagar in UP and moved to the city to avoid the orthodoxy society. She was far ahead in terms of talent compared to others of the same age group. She took a Russian language course at JNU and her life kick-started.  She firmly believes in facing a difficult situation with courage.

She quotes  “Men have built the internet and they have built it for themselves”.
This sense of bravery led her to Sheroes, breaking the clutter, why should men have all the fun? 

Do you feel motivated by these amazing stories of beautiful female entrepreneurs? Spread inspiration and thrive together with women for women!

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