• मार्च 30, 2022

5 Homegrown Startups Spreading their Wings Internationally

Who doesn’t like to trade in the global market? Every entrepreneur aspires to take their nascent startup with precision planning and execution. Invading the global market is undeniably an excruciating task.

However, in today’s world with platforms like Instagram and Facebook brands are able to reach out to a bigger audience. Consequently, with the investors investing their sum, the international spread of business is encouraging homegrown brands to take the plunge. We have always witnessed giant hats like TATA, Aditya Birla and others ruling the international market. But have you ever wondered if any homegrown and flourished startup made its way to the global market?

Well, to gain an answer to this question, read the entire article to find some Indian startups and Inspirational entrepreneurs along with never heard facts. So, let’s get started right away!

  • The Urvashi Perfume

An Indian fragrance spreading happiness in France. Yes, a Mumbai-based Indian Perfume Company has been winning the hearts of French people since 2006. The fragrance is a potent blend of Indian culture. Owned by Deepak Kanegaonkar Group of companies, Urvashi is a brand that is not so popular among Indians but has a deep-rooted presence in North America. The mastermind of the concept, Gandh Surgandh dreamt of international best-seller perfume and voila! He succeeded.

  • Tohl

A Footwear startup, founded by Manish Kawlra was born in 2002 in Chennai. The ex-vice president of the Gaitonde group stepped out of the box to launch the startup exclusively for Europe. Moreover, another startup named Tohl that deals in leather accessories rules the international market and continues spreading its magic to the Middle East, Europe and other regions.

  • Sirona

A menstrual hygiene company founded by Deep and Mohit Bajaj in 2014 is another homegrown brand that is rolling the stats globally. They include herbal pain relief patches, Sanitary pads, menstrual cup kits and a PeeBuddy device for women. Sirona products have stepped up in the global market through Amazon and are propelling towards international trade with giant funding.

  • Soulflower

An ISB award-winning entrepreneur, Natasha Tuli is the co-founder and SEO at Soulflower. Soulflower is a natural personal care brand. Natasha’s story behind Soluflower is itself an inspiring one. An architect turned entrepreneur gave birth to Soulflower in 2001. With intense success in the Indian cosmetic market, Soulflower is eyeing expansion to the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates to promote vegan skincare products internationally.

  • Chandrakala Creations

An exclusive Indian wear collection with western tadka, Chandrakala is into the global business since 2016. After 2 decades of its establishment, this creation company set its foot internationally. Founder Rahul Agarwal specified the lack of Indian-western fusion abroad and immediately approached Amazon global to boost their business terrorism. He is a third-generation entrepreneur who was diligent to fill up the void of Indian tradition overseas. He also plans to introduce Indo-western designs as well.

Aren’t these Indian startups an inspiration for the newcomers who wish to fly with their products internationally?

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