4 Inspiring animal lovers rescuing voiceless animals this Diwali.

  • नवम्बर 2, 2021

With Diwali around the corner, animal welfare activists are rolling their sleeves to provide protection or relief to voiceless animals. The four-legged creatures are terrified by the noise of fireworks. Moreover, some ruthless people tease animals with crackers for their fun resulting in severe burns and injury.

No single person can keep up the responsibility of Animal welfare, every member of society should raise their voice and contribute their services for such a cause. Curated below is the list of 4 heroes who dedicatedly work for the betterment of these voiceless beings.

Teja Panneeru

Teja Panneeru, a Hyderabad based animal activist, has been working to rescue harmed animals for 13 years. Moreover, he is a certified canine behaviourist and trainer. Teja has rescued over 100+ animals against all brutality and understands the canine behaviour so well that he counsels people to change their mindset for stray dogs. Apart from this, he is in alliance with many prestigious organizations such as People for Animals, Human Society International, and Honorary Animal Welfare Officer. With such an impressive contribution to animal welfare, he is always keen to help animals to provide them shelter and food to ease their pain.

Anita Shetty, Wakad Animal Rescue Group

Based in Pune, Maharashtra, Anita Shetty founder of Wakad Animal Rescue group is another animal lover who has contributed herself to the noble cause of animal welfare. She urges the citizens to celebrate Diwali in a friendly manner by distributing posters and flyers in public areas. Moreover, they have a large community of volunteers who readily impart their services. Their doors are open for all the animals in their vicinity to take shelter and ease their suffering during this beautiful but heart-wrenching festive season.

Alpana Bhartia, People for Animals

Highly proficient Alpana Bhartia is one of the founders of People for Animals, who has been working for animal welfare for the past 25 years. Her family, rooted in Kolkata, supported her to take care of the innocent ones right from childhood. Later in her 30s, she joined People for Animals to further contribute to welfare services in Bengaluru. She along with her team has rescued over 2500 animals and continues their services. This Diwali if any responsible citizen observes any sort of violence or frantic animal, they can directly contact their institute for immediate assistance.

Kashish Kumar, SPCA( Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Kashish Kumar an animal activist working with SPCA, Chandigarh is a reputable member of the trust. He proactively manages the casualties encountered with SPCA. Moreover, SPCA offers 24-hour medical facilities for injured animals and they actively rescue dogs from their vicinity for their welfare. Moreover, they conduct social awareness campaigns to make people aware of the problems faced by the voiceless animals while bursting crackers.

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