Educators who made Lockdown Learning Fun

  • June 25, 2021

As we all know the first wave got us locked up in our homes with social media being our only source of entertainment. But here are some people who actually used this opportunity to relieve people of their agony and boredom to push them to learn.These people turned into educators and took over the social media space by their interviews and cute reels that were entertaining and informative at the same time. Byitsown had an honour to interview them and got to know what fueled this creativity during these testing times.

Learn in lockdown with Karen

Karen D’souza is a 21-year-old graduate in Sociology from St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai. She is a fabulous Bharatnatyam dancer and a wonderful poet. Along with her many talents, she is also a content writer and runs her blog called Mirrerr.

The first lockdown fueled Karen’s creativity out of boredom, and she started live sessions on Instagram called Learn with Karen, where she interviewed a number of people from different fields and covered different topics like Animal Therapy, Investments, Art, etc.

In our interview with Karen, we spoke about how this came into being and motivated her to start this.

To which she added- 

“The idea was pretty random to kill the boredom and stay connected to people. 

It later turned into an idea that could help motivate others, through these tough times.” 

Karen feels that instead of learning as a source of generating revenue, one should learn different skills to simply ‘know’ . She also mentioned- 

“ If she succeeds in making at least one person learn for knowledge instead of monetization, she will feel as if she has created a powerful impact on her audience.” 

Karen’s journey of Learn with Karen might’ve started as a random idea but turned out to motivate hundreds of people. Just like all of us are looking forward to live ost covid Karen, too is looking forward to expanding her venture as an educator/interviewer on social media portals like Clubhouse, where more people can join her and learn.

Shannons Academy 

Shannon Nogueira is a 24-year-old educator. He is an English and Global Prospect tutor at Don Bosco International. He is a passionate young man who is determined to achieve his goal of making arts an integral part of the Indian educational curriculum.

Well, it’s safe to say that he isn’t afraid of taking risks to do so. How many of us would leave a well-paying job to follow our passion? 

Shannon left his position as a journalist at an esteemed organization and decided to become a tutor overnight.

It all started when he was offered to Direct a Jungle Book theatrical with little children and it was that play that made him fall in love with the arts and teaching. 

He becomes a tutor right in between a pandemic and that’s when the idea of starting an academy of his own came to his mind.

Shannons Academy is working on providing Art classes at an affordable price to students in India and Abroad. The basic concept is that no talent should be wasted because of expensive courses. 

According to Shannon, the best part about choosing to be a tutor is that he learns from his students, and receives a new perspective each day. He as a tutor believes art is a form that constantly changes and gives you the chance to learn something new every day

Learn in lockdown about IVF from “The Fertility Doc”

The fertility Doc is an Instagram page handled by Dr. Aditi Tandon. She is an MS OBGY (Gynaecologist). Along with a Master’s in Assisted Reproduction. Currently, she is a practicing laparoscopic surgeon and a consultant gynaecologist of infertility.

 Dr. Aditi also runs her blog dedicated to women’s health and hygiene.  It all started in lockdown when she saw people started to spend a lot more time on social media. She decided to use the opportunity at hand to spread awareness about women’s health, hygiene, and infertility. 

She used this opportunity to make trendy into informative posts about infertility and IVF while busting the myths. 

Dr. Aditi hopes that insurance companies take charge of IVF insurances in the future because being a parent is a beautiful thing and everyone who wants to be a parent has the right to be one. She continues to educate and spread joy through social media.

If you can’t travel to different places you can at least learn a new language with Neevas Classes

Isn’t learning new languages interesting? What is even better is doing it from your home. 

Neeva is a 22-year-old entrepreneur, holding a degree in Mass Communications. Currently, she  runs a language and art-based educational platform called Neeva’s Classes. Her journey as an educator started in 2019 when she was a third-year student and had no idea where her life was going.

“Creativity strikes when you are in the darkest of places ” quoted Neeva. 

In India, there are various cultures and art forms. Yet, questioning students pursuing Arts is an integral part of our society. Neevas envisions changing the perception of arts in India and rightly raises the question-

“What would a pandemic look like if art did not exist? Can you imagine your life without music?”

She believes art is evolving and present in our surroundings. Though the Lockdown has been the worst nightmare for many, Neeva saw it as a challenge and opportunity to grow globally. Currently working from the Himalayas, she is also looking forward to starting an NGO in the future to educate students who are unable to receive it. 


Well, whether there was a lockdown or not, each of these individuals have surely inspired many people through their work . We wish each of them all the best for their future endeavours and hope for a whole lot of fun and entertainment in the future .

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