Dispelling the Myths about Blood Donation

  • June 14, 2021

As a child, when we got to know about Blood Donation, didn’t we feel proud that one day we will save at least three lives by becoming a Blood Donor? But, How many of us donated?  

The rate of Blood Donors in India is still below the required range. So is it possible we are still living under the rock? Unfortunately, in India, the lack of awareness followed by myths does not help.  

On this occasion of World Blood Donor Day, we would like to clear the air regarding  Myths about Blood Donation. Do check out our Interview with the man who Donated blood 96 times.

So here are 5 Myths regarding Blood Donation everyone should know

Myth 1. I can’t donate blood because I smoke

The fact is you can donate blood even if you smoke. However, you should be at least 18 years and weigh at least 50 kilograms. The person who smokes needs to avoid smoking for 3 hours after Blood Donation and staying away from alcohol for 24 hours is a must. 

Myth 2.  Blood Donation Centres aren’t safe during the pandemic.

Yes, the pandemic got us all stuck at homes but, you can still help covid patients & others affected. All the blood banks across the country are running under the guidelines issued by MoHFW. Centres are under constant monitoring; nobody is allowed to enter the centre without masks, temperature check and sanitiser.  

Myth 3. People with high cholesterol and hypertension can not donate blood.

People with HIV, Hepatitis, Type 1 Diabetes can not donate blood because of the health parameters. However, people with cholesterol and hypertension do not fall in the category. As long as you are healthy and are not undergoing any medication recently for hypertension or cholesterol-related significant disease, you can help someone by donating blood. “Prevention is better than cure”, Hence you can choose to get your tests done before donation to ensure you are healthy. Make sure your BP is under control of 180 systolic pressure and below 100 diastolic pressure. 

Myth 4. Blood Donation can cause a weak functioning immune system.

Red blood cells count is maintained within a day and, White blood cells require at least a week, in case our body senses any danger they produce even faster. So, there is no harm done to the donor’s immune system. 

Myth 5. I do not qualify for blood donation as I have seasonal allergies.

Don’t you have a cold and cough occasionally, depending upon the weather? Seasonal allergies are as common as cold and cough, which has zero interference with Blood Donation. Keep in check with your doctor if you have a seasonal allergy before Blood Donation

So,this was our effort at dispelling the Myths surrounding Blood Donation,We hope everyone is able to heal and be grateful for the gift of life.

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