Bharat Jain left a well-paid Engineering job and started off from zero in Handloom Industry

  • August 7, 2021

History of Handloom in India

India has a vast history of Handloom rather “Handloom is woven in the Indian History”. 95% of Handwoven fabrics are produced by India even today. Handloom is even talked about in our Vedas and is more of a cultural part of Indian Society. We can hardly predict when the handloom industry started in India, but they have played a vital role in Indian History. Indian Handlooms have different patterns and styles associated with culture, religion, and time. It is something that has been constantly evolving and passed on for generations.

However, is Handloom in the 21st century being recognized or is it dying? The onset of the pandemic hasn’t been easy for Entrepreneurs it has affected large-scale businesses as well. In such circumstances, how can the Handloom Industry stay untouched? If we look into the past before Pandemic, the hardships of the Handloom Industry weren’t easier.

Handloom Day is celebrated in India to encourage Textile Industry and citizens to shop from them. This is one such industry that has 70% of women weavers and encourages women empowerment, which is why in 2015 Handloom day was first celebrated in India. The fact is this  Industry is not getting what it actually deserves to be. This is why on this National Handloom day which is also celebrated in memory of the Swadeshi Movement led by Gandhi Ji we Interview one such weaver who left his corporate job to learn to weave. 

Bharat Jain

Clearly, love for Handloom hasn’t died in our country and Bharat Jain is the best example we can think of. Bharat Jain, an Engineer, left his job and started from zero to become Handloom Industrialist because his Guru Ji advised him to learn Handloom, art instantly fascinated him. Imagine being a science student for 10 years and suddenly starting to learn Accounts from the beginning? Bharat started learning Handloom from zero from the interiors of Madhya Pradesh before he stepped foot in Handloom Industry.

He hails from Ajmer, Rajasthan, and is currently operating from the same. In 2017, Jain started Gyan Vidya Hastashilpa to train weavers and artisans, design new fabrics and prints using traditional handprints. This initiative sells its products under the brand name Hastkaar. He has gained expertise in Ajrakh, Dabu, Sanganeri, and Hand Block Prints on sarees, stoles, etc. As of 2021, he is working with 7 artisans and has 9 looms. Discussing the problems faced, he told us about how the Pandemic has affected his business. He is a true entrepreneur because despite facing obstacles, he is determined to overcome them to achieve his goals. On the other hand, the growing demands of Fast-Fashion are creating a cultural gap that still requires a long way to be filled. Bharat’s organization supplies its products/hand-loomed items to local Hyderabad suppliers and uses Ecommerce to sell their items. Bharat Jain aims to focus on his goals and is hoping that the government aids the industry by providing subsidies to buy raw materials. This could be of great help to support and aim the handloom industry. 

Handloom can never die in India, it not only represents us economically but culturally. We wish Bharat success and prosperity for his Bharat Vaibhav. There are many Bharat Jain in our country whose potential hasn’t even been tested due to fewer reforms and gaps. The biggest gap has been created because of Fast-Fashion, we don’t want you to refuse fashion but you can give Handloom a chance. The Hand Block Print sarees can be a great boho fashion statement and complement your wardrobe. We can support these businesses by playing with fashion, anything styled in a unique way turns into the trend, so, if you are a fashion enthusiast, Handloom is your thing. Hashtags and stories can never help a business until and unless you shop from them. 


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