A tribute to the unmatched ‘Tragedy King’ of Indian Cinema, Dilip Kumar 

  • July 7, 2021

“The word legend is overused but Dilip Kumar lived up to that status. An era of Indian cinema ends with him but his magic & work will be a legacy that will live and inspire us, forever & beyond”.

The Legacy of  Tragedy King – Dilip Kumar

He might not be with us, but he will always live in our hearts. Indian Cinema will forever be grateful and indebted to Dilip Kumar for his contribution to the cinematic world.

He was one of the few legendary artists that India has seen. His classic filmography, which spans over a staggering 50+ years, is the collection of performances that can win anybody’s heart.

So during this hard time, let’s have a look at the legacy that he has left for us. Although it was difficult to pick up a few films from his lifetime achievements.

Bringing you the selection of his stellar performances in films of Dilip Kumar or originally known as Yusuf Khan.


‘Jab pyar kiya toh darna kya’, one of the most romantic songs ever that you will come across is from Dilip Kumar’s iconic film ‘Mughal-e-Azam’.

This film continues to win our hearts with its iconic dialogues, visuals, and romance of Salim’s (Dilip Kumar) and Anarkali (Madhubala).

K Asif released this 65 years ago, but still, this remains one of the tremendous works of Art, of Indian cinema.


You might be thinking what’s Dilip doing in SRK’s Devdas, but in fact, it was Dilip Kumar who was the first to be cast in this iconic film by Bimal Roy which was based on Sarat Chandra Chatterjee’s classic novel by the same name.

The film is known for Dilip Kumar’s supreme act of a heartbroken lover who turns into an alcoholic.

When Dilip Saab delivers the lines like ‘Kaun kambakht bardaasht karne ko peeta hai? ’, was unforgettable and no one till date has been able to replicate that.

3. Naya Daur

This is also one of the iconic films of the Golden Era with another remarkable performance by the Tragedy King. Having a fantastic storyline, screenplay, and direction. The movie is so interesting and exciting that no one feels it was set 64 years ago. A true classic and one of a kind. It portrayed the Gandhian concept of man versus machine with utmost sincerity. Its songs continue to rule our hearts especially ‘Yeh Desh Hai Veer Jawanon Ka’.

4.Ram Aur Shyam

Dilip Saab is known for his iconic acting and delivering powerful dialogues but his role on ‘Ram and Shyam’ was completely opposite and comical. He had shown that his skills are not limited to perform serious roles, but he can play a comical character with the same enthusiasm. Dilip Kumar’s Saabs acting was so immaculate and comical that the audience didn’t realize when their Tragedy King became the Comedy King.

5. Madhumati

Yet another film of the Golden Era genre, that involves Dilip Kumar in the mystical concept of reincarnation again by Bimal Roy. This film’s plot is so gripping that it keeps the audience hooked on the newly introduced concept of reincarnation in Indian Cinema. Apart from the classic acting of Dilip and Vyjanthimala, the songs are so well composed and sound so soulful in Lata Mangeshkar’s voice that this film turns out to be one of the most famous evergreen films.

So these were some of the best films of Dilip Saab, he was one of the gems that we have lost, the world of Indian Cinema will not be the same without him.

He was truly an unmatched ‘Tragedy King’.

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