5 Books That Will Change The Way You Look At Life

  • June 9, 2021

Most of these books will calm you down, pick you up, and will push you to keep moving forward when it is really difficult to do so.

Some of you might ask why read books? when there are thousands of movies and TV shows available online. Ofcourse,  movies and series are amazing but books take you to a whole new world. Reading is like meditation. It calms you down, gets you to  focus on a single thing, and also gives you a great amount of knowledge. It is probably one of the best habits that we could inculcate at this point of time in our lives when we are stuck in Pandemic. 

So, here are some books written by some amazing writers that inspired us and we hope that they might do the same to you .  


Atomic Habits by James Clear 

This book is easily one of the most impactful books you would have ever read in your life. This book is basically about building habits. Building long-term and sustainable habits. Unlike any other books or motivational speakers, this book knocks down the ideology of having massive and finite goals in life. What you learn from this book is to shift the focus from your goals to your identity, the person you want to be and to start making tiny changes to your daily life, and keep making your identity one percent stronger every day.  

So if you want to be more productive and consistent or even build a simple habit or break a bad one just give this book a go.

7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

 This book was written by Late Mr. Stephen R.Covey more than 50 years back but its teachings, applications & practicability is very much valid even today. This book is like a compilation of good teachings and advice that will help you change your life. This book isn’t just about how to succeed in life but it also gives you guidance to be a better version of yourself. This book is one of the best self-help book which will guide you through your self improvement journey. 

Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

This is the story of Nike and how Phil Knight the founder of Nike and all the people in his life built Nike from ground zero to one of the biggest brands in the world.

More than being inspired you’ll find a kind of hope in reading this book. This book gives you the strength to get up, dust the dirt off your shoulders and just keep moving forward. Most of this book’s readers say that It is so engaging that it almost feels like you’re watching someone’s life as a documentary. You definitely don’t want to miss this one. 

That Will Never Work by Marc Randolph

This book is by Marc Randolph who was the founder of Netflix. This book tracks the journey of Netflix from the time it was just an idea in the 90s. Today, Netflix is a source of entertainment for many people. You all know Netflix as an OTT platform where you can stream thousands of movies and TV shows at just a click of a button but did you know it started as a DVD rental service in the 90’s . This book is about the beginning of Netflix’s journey which is easily the most exciting part of any brand’s successful endeavour. Maybe this time ditch Netflix to read about it ? 

You Can Win by Shiv Khera

This book defines success with simple but real-life stories. It  will lead you to your dream destinations in a real sense. Each page motivates you to do something in life, each paragraph withholds messages that will motivats you to be a good person and help you develop a positive attitude. This book explains everything in such a simple way that anyone can understand and most importantly it will make you think.

 These books are some of the best books of all time. And are available on the Z library website.

These were our recommendations, which one are you going to start first?

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