4 Poets who are worth following on Instagram

  • September 8, 2021

With changing attention spans, poetry has only evolved to stay relevant. In addition to being our mirrors, healers, and judges, poets have the power to touch every one of us on a profound level and captivate us even if we have little interest in what they are writing about.  

A significant number of Indian poets are renowned around the world for their exemplary work. A whole generation of young minds has been inspired by these poets, and they are truly deserving of recognition. Their poems are inspiring and to the point, so you can easily read a verse throughout the day. Here they are, 4 poets from India, who are enrapturing the world with their words.  

Sonnet Mondal @theunsettledpoet

Sonnet Mondal, skillfully described as the “weaver of wonderful words”, is striking in his worldwide achievements. With seemingly simple words, “a young man from India” builds an entire world. His writings touch on themes of love and loss, hope and desire. His poems have been translated into various languages including Hindi, Hungarian, Ukrainian, and many more. “For me, poetry is inspiration,” Mondal said. “It should inspire people, especially in these difficult times, by talking about the possibility of hope!” Sonnet is rightly considered a modern mystic due to his enormous presence in the modern literary world. 

Medha Sharma –  @aperpetualparadox

Medha, who has more than 22k Instagram followers, is recognized for expressing her emotions with few words. She is a varied and impulsive writer who started her Instagram account to release her emotions, but she now can’t go more than a few days without writing. Her work will push you to overcome the challenges of life and turn them into superpowers. Almost all of her poems are about love, loss, and heartache, and they all stem from overwhelming emotions, which is what poetry and expression are all about. In addition to her medical practice, she aspires to continue writing poetry. 

Pratishtha Khattar-  @_paradoxandmetaphors_

Pratishtha is a New Delhi-based poet and writer. It is her passion to write about love and romance that makes her a full-time romance junkie, tea lover, and full-time dreamer. Her words have an odd capacity to conjure up images in your mind. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Harper’s Bazaar, and Femina, among other publications. Writing has been a journey for her, one in which she has discovered answers that have led her to new questions, and that’s how she continues to develop as a writer.  

Akhil Katyal- @katyal.akhil

Akhil Katyal is a professor, poet, and Ph.D. scholar. His work has a notable political undertone. His articles about Kashmir, a sensitive subject that many people shun, caught the interest of most readers. Throughout his career, Katyal has been blunt in criticizing the government, assassinating journalists, and advocating for LGBTQ rights and equality, and this is what makes his work so effective. In his writing, he weaves together words in a way that appeals to everyone, regardless of their point of view on the subject. Besides university issues and movements, he is also actively involved in the cultural and arts scene in Delhi. 

It’s fascinating to see the way these poets see the world. You will gain new perspectives on life, be inspired to be a good person, and be encouraged to find and pursue your great enthusiasm. These rebellious and inspiring poets are a force to be reckoned with! There are still a few poets who believe poetry is extinct, but these young poets will convince you otherwise. 

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