3 Green startups that are paving the path for a sustainable future

  • June 5, 2021

Did  you know?

Almost 27,000 trees cut off every day so that we can use toilet paper, 

which causes disbalance in our ecosystem. 

In the significance of environmental protection, we celebrate World Environment Day on June 5. On this occasion of World Environment Day, we bring you the top 3 green startups that are innovating for a sustainable tomorrow. 

Biodegradable plates using Areca leaves 

Back in 2012 Amardeep Bardhan and Vaibhav Jaiswal started their startup with an initial investment of INR 20,000, and today their annual turnover is INR 18 Crore (as of 2021). Duo felt plastic and polymers have adverse effects on our ecosystem, that is somewhere causing pollution. They decided to take their bid and started Prakriti Cultivating Green. Areca leaves are a great alternative to Plastic and Polymer products. 

Replacing plastic plates from sustainable areca leaf plates will provide eco-friendly advantages like areca leaf plates are biodegradable. Therefore, they won’t take a long period to degrade and won’t release chemical toxins. 

This sustainable startup is affordable and breaks the myth of sustainable products being expensive.

Sustainable skincare for a sustainable lifestyle 

Preethi and Srini are founders of Krya, believe that we can make our city lifestyle better if we adopt sustainable living. That’s why they left their corporate jobs behind and founded Krya. City life is fascinating but, the drawback is city life had somewhere that caused environmental harm. So, if we try to adopt a sustainable lifestyle, we can take on our bid to mother nature. 

Krya is a sustainable lifestyle brand providing its customer’s different skincare and haircare range. Back in 2012, krya’s main product was Laundry Detergent, manufactured from soapberries. 

Don’t you want to take your bid to adopt a sustainable lifestyle? 

Twirl because Sujata Chatterjee got the solution to your overflowing wardrobe problem

Be the change you want to see. Sujata Chatterjee founded Twirl.store in 2017, with the ambition to become a change and promote sustainable clothing. Sujata’s goal is to reduce clothing waste, empower women and conserve water; she wants to reduce wastage as much as she can and help to find solutions to wardrobe problems for us. She wants to create a hassle-free experience for people with an overflowing wardrobe and ones who barely access basic clothes. To solve societal differences, Sujata’s team collects overflowing clothes from people and upcycles them. These clothes either are donated to NGOs through donation drives or rewarded to their clients through the redeem points. Sujata’s concept of upcycling clothes became the reason for the employment of women. She truly is a businesswoman with the brain, creating an affordable yet classy experience for consumers.

These startups have surely hit the roof by taking a stand for an environment and going green with their products, you too could do so from the confines of your home Check out on article on 4 ways to celebrate Environment Day at home

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