10 deeds of generosity you can indulge in this Christmas

  • December 1, 2021

With festivals around the corner, we think of various good deeds to help others in need. The festival of Christmas is yet another opportunity to end the year in the most valuable way. We all know the traditional ways of celebrating a festival but why not implement kind deeds as one of the celebrating factors. This way we can set an excellent model for our future generations.

Here we bring you 10 lovely acts to gratify this Christmas and spread happiness worldwide. Let’s act right away!

Feed a stray animal

It is our noble responsibility to care for the street animals daily. However, on the occasion of Christmas, you can actively feed and shelter them. Christmas being the festival of the freezing months, it is our prime duty to protect them from harsh weather conditions.

Donate Blood

Donating blood is the kindest act one can ever practice. Saving someone’s life is a truly courageous act. One should practice donating blood at local centers to save the precious life of a patient. Some rare blood groups are scarce and are required promptly. How auspicious it would be to donate blood on the new year and grant someone an entirely new beginning.

Donate apparels

With changing fashion these days, we have a lot of unused clothes that can be utilized by others. In the months of winter, you can grant blankets and clothes to make them feel like a dream come true. Moreover, you can educate them about Christmas and its traditions. Moreover, while visiting a store you can also buy groceries for the homeless. These small acts might be a wonderful gesture.

Give away toys

Christmas is loved by children. However, the orphans are underprivileged to celebrate any festival to the fullest. Moreover, they are unaware of the festivals that are excitingly celebrated by the rich class. On the occasion of Christmas, donate some of your old toys or purchase some new ones to enhance playfulness for the orphans.

Volunteer in a hospital

If you have some spare time, you can volunteer as a helping hand in a hospital setup. It is dreadful for the patients to be sick and admitted to a hospital during the festive season. Hence, to ease their pain, you can render your voluntary services and be a reason for their happiness. Moreover, you can prepare meals for them and let them savor the delicacies on Christmas. You can also engage with the hospital staff to ease their duty burden during the festive season.

Donate 10 percent of your salary

Everyone is busy with their work the entire year. With such a busy schedule we rarely donate to the underprivileged population. With Christmas around the corner, one can donate 10 percent of their salary to a bigger cause. Generally, the medical expenses are costlier to be borne by impoverished people. Such medical expenses should be taken care of wholeheartedly. Along with this one can even bear the medical expenses of their employees as a token of gesture.

Partake in a literacy program

We have been taught to spread knowledge since childhood. This Christmas you can make excellent use of holidays by teaching the underprivileged students or by donating study materials like educational books, stationery, art materials, and much more. You can even teach voluntarily in rural setups to impart your contribution to education.

Purchase goods from local shops

We all have been crazy about brand shopping. But have you realized how would the locals survive in a hugely competitive market? Although one should not completely abstain from buying the products of their choice, once in a while we could implement a rule to buy goods from a local shop to encourage the struggle of local vendors.

Visit and donate at the orphanage

Juggling through our busy lifestyles, we tend to ignore the essence of life. We unknowingly forget the societal problems faced by the people. To recall our duties towards society, one can visit the orphanage nearby during festive seasons and give away items that might comfort the orphans. It merely takes a few pennies to bring a smile to their faces.

Clean your city

Indians are gearing up for cleanliness in the cities. To contribute your services to the nation, you can volunteer by picking up trash on the roads or your vicinity. You can even educate the people to maintain a clean zone and appeal to them to instill discipline in their daily lives.

These are some of the deeds that you can carry this festive season. Let us spread awareness and celebrate Christmas to make a difference in the lives of the underprivileged.

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